Birding the Miranda Mudflats, shorebird migration from New Zealand


Miranda Mudflats
20x30” acrylic on wood
Christy Obalek 

It’s been years since I’ve blogged.

Things have changed.
Times have changed.
I’ve changed.

I played around with Facebook and Instagram over the last few years, but in the end became disillusioned with both: the current trends in social media just don’t leave me feeling inspired. The expectation that existed for me to post regularly, and create content, felt like so much excess baggage for this wildflower.

Having abandoned said social media, I found myself looking through this old blog of mine.
Revisiting posts from 10 years ago, I sat down and went through each post like I would with a shoebox of old photos: saying thank you and goodbye to the ones who served their purpose but are now just tired and old, and carefully placing my favourites back upon the shelf.

I feel no outside pressure or influence to write anything here - my audience of yesterday has no doubt moved on as we all do -  so for now, it’s a spot to breathe and reflect on things that excite me. 

As I was reminded last night, 

“The things that excite you are not random.
They are connected to your purpose.
Follow them.” 
~Terrie Davoll Hudson

South Island Pied 
Oystercatchers, Variable Oystercatchers, Caspian Tern, Bar-tailed Godwits
Miranda, Waikato, New Zealand
March 5, 2020 

Pied Stilts, Bar-tailed Godwits and Red Knots
One hour prior to migration departure
Miranda, Waikato, New Zealand
March 5, 2020 


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