Watercolor study of Madame Gautreau based on the sketches by John Singer Sargent

Watercolour & Graphite sketch of Madame Gautreau (Madame X)
5x7 inches on 140lb cold press Arches paper

It's no secret that John Singer Sargent has been my biggest inspiration - 

If you missed it a few years ago, you can read about my road trip to Cooperstown, all for the love of Sargent, here: 

Working on the daily paintings last week, I kept looking at the magazine clipping about Sargent that I have taped to my studio cabinet. It shows a sketch he made of Madame Gautreau, and I decided to play around with it in watercolour. 

After sketching the scene as close as possible to the original, I started laying down the midtone values.  In the end, I also added some opaque white to the background to roughen up the wall a bit - the focus is still on the figure, but there is now a bit of interest to encourage the eyes to move around a bit. 

Laying down the first washes over the graphite sketch that I made as close as
possible to the original.
Madame X watercolour sketch


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