Ice Skates in watercolour and Paris under the bridge

Black, White, and Ice
6x6" watercolour on 140lb hot press paper
daily painting #36
I've been having trouble sleeping lately and for the first time
last night I slept all through the night! It only took two days of no sleep
to reach that point, but damn it felt good!

So this morning I finally left the cocoon of my bed at 5am
and got on Daily Paintworks to see what was new today.
I saw Carol Marine's gorgeous painting of tap shoes and 
remembered "hey - I also have a tiny pair of tap shoes I could paint some day"...
but I didn't stop there.  Reading her description, I found out about the Weekly Challenge on Daily Paintworks ... what a great motivator for me on days where I just don't know what I want to paint.

The challenge this week is "Black & White":

"Your challenge this week is to choose only black and white (and maybe gray) objects, and compose a still life with them to paint. Obviously you'll probably still find some colors in there, but they'll most likely be muted."
So down to the basement I went, dusted off my ice skates, and back up to the studio
to set up my black & white still life.

Skates set up -  yes these definitely qualify as black & white!
viewing through my makeshift viewfinder which I've marked off in thirds
painting in the dark on a tabletop easel from the sofa because
 I didn't think ahead to where I was going to work if my subject was set up 
right in the spot - on the chair - where I usually work (cue facepalm)
The palette I chose:

Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Yellow
Quinacridone Rose
Lunar Black

As you know, I rarely use black in my paintings but decided to
select it today based on two factors:
1) it IS a black & white challenge - better use some black
2) none of the other colours in my palette were dark enough to 
combine for a satisfying black.

First pass finished - time to let it dry and go for a walk in the snow!
It was -5 c when I wandered off to 7Eleven for a  hot chocolate,
so here I am with 21 layers of clothing on.  I really am a displaced Aussie. Brr!
Back inside for the final details - I ran out of painter's tape today
and used some old masking tape - which adhered like glue to the smooth hot press paper -
even using the hair dryer to remove the tape resulted in a bit of damage - so I cut a crisp black
mat for it and voila! My first challenge completed.
Oh and yesterday I painted something else that was black and white - or gray, anyway - 
a statue under a bridge in Paris on the Seine.  I have lots more of these to paint, because
heaven knows I took enough photos while I was there!

What are you working on today?

Paris Under the Bridge
watercolour on 140lb cold press paper

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