Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Grey Jay painting in watercolour

Grey Jay
Daily painting #38
watercolor on 140lb vellum mixed media paper

6x6 inches

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 Today it's raining.  My kind of day.  
My joints don't like the transition
when it's ABOUT to rain but once the rain starts, I'm a 
happy little pluviophile
(aka lover of rain)

It's been ages since I painted a bird, and I was
reminded recently that Canada has chosen - maybe not
officially but close enough - the Grey Jay as our
national bird.  

why, you ask?

Because it's so gosh darn friendly, just like us. 

After I sketched my bird, I went straight to the branches.
There's a nifty trick I learned a while back on how to paint
branches with a credit card.  It's the only way to go!
You dip the side of a credit card (the more scratched up the better)
into a puddle of paint that isn't too watery like so:

Then you drag it across the paper to make a tree or branch shape:

It's a cool trick!

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