Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mary Tyler Moore portrait in watercolour

Mary Tyler Moore
daily painting #26
8x8" watercolour on 140lb cold press paper

My Saturday nights as a young child were spent eating dinner in front of the television while we watched the Mary Tyler Moore show. 
Her sunny smile, sassy attitude and spunk set the stage for an era of "can do" women - I can do that!
As I worked on her portrait today, I couldn't seem to add enough colour - I'd lay down a wash of Quinacridone Pink and think: it needs MORE! pop in some Pyrrol Red, some Burnt Sienna, some Sap Green - you name it, if it was on my palette today chances are it found its way onto my paper. 
I worked from a black and white image, so the freedom to experiment was there for the taking, and all I could think was "who can turn the world on with her smile?"

(oh yeah, and the desire to run outside and throw a hat up in the air wasn't too far from my mind either)

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