Monday, January 5, 2015

Lighthouse Oil Painting Auction

Happy Monday

(is there such a thing?)

So as many of you make your way back to work or school, so begins the working part of the new year.  Back to routine.  For some, that's a good thing: for others, you may dread it. 
I love a semblance of routine but I don't fare well unless I make the routine myself - if it's imposed by someone else I'm a little stressed by it, and can feel like the rocks being smashed by the water!

"crash into me" is a tiny 4x5 inch original OIL painting on canvas featuring a lighthouse and keeper's cottage with the waves dancing and crashing. Full of texture and ready to hang or prop on a shelf. Blue, sea green, white and rust colors.

"Crash Into Me"
oil on canvas
4x5 inches

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