Portraits of Anna Pavlova, a greyhound, and a game of Trivial Pursuit

The last few months have seen so many positive changes in my life.
But with change comes that "in between" time where we need to adapt.
I've had to find different ways to manage my work time more effectively and still have the (absolutely necessary) "me time".

In January I started taking on portrait commissions again, and I'm excited about some new projects up ahead, which of course I'm anxious to start on but I know it will take time.  And patience. (because I have SO much patience, right? haha)

So on to a few pics...I have one patron whom I continue to paint rescued greyhounds for. Here is the latest - I love the stark contrast of the sunlight against this dog's features.

Remember the portrait of Anna Pavlova I started a few years ago? 
I've picked it up again, and hope to complete it this year.  I often put a piece away when I've reached a point where either a) I can't stand looking at it anymore or b) I'm worried I'll overwork it.

I'm trying to decide how to tackle her chair next so that it doesn't compete with her dress.

On a theatrical note, I recently finished performing in the female version of The Odd Couple - a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research.  We had so much fun, lots of laughs, made new friends, and raised about $3000!  

In the female version, written by Neil Simon (he wrote the original, too) the poker game between friends is replaced with Trivial Pursuit...so between the Saturday matinee and the evening show we ate pizza and played a game of Trivial Pursuit.  

It was rigged, and NOT in my favour.

Greer, Lisa, Christy, Ryan....Greer and Ryan got the most stupid easy questions.  Like what zodiacal sign was Jesus Christ... meanwhile, Lisa and I had the most obscure questions about governments in countries that don't even exist anymore.  Rigged, I tell you!  Next time we're playing Settlers of Catan.

Tonight is the launch party for Theatre Kent's upcoming season.  We'll see what's on the playbill - if you're in CK, why not consider joining community theatre?  There's a role for everyone, and you'll make friends to last a lifetime :)


Manon said…
Sounds like you're a busy girl!! Your work is great!!
Glad your keeping busy! Beautiful paintings!
I love your life! :) I'm coming to visit (when it gets warm!) ...does it get warm? Nice greyhound!
Anonymous said…
pretty nice blog, following :)

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