Delays, Tap Shoes, and Penguins

So it's been 18 months of starts and stops for me, and now I'm quite happy to tell you that it feels like momentum is picking up.  Fewer stops.  Longer highways.

My espresso bar & creative space, Dekoko's, is doing well and I recently hired 3 more baristas.  Not only to help out during the (increasingly) busy periods, but also to make sure I still have time to print, package, and ship out my art!  I've missed this.

Although I haven't been creating any visual art in the last few months, I have been feeding my creative soul with performing arts.  Once again I've teamed up with the amazing folks at Theatre Kent and will be playing the role of Judy Haynes in the upcoming production of White Christmas.

This is the first time in 20 years that I've put on my tap shoes.
They still make (most of) the right noises!

Lastly, I've also been doing more commercial licensing of my art in the last year.  You may recall I was working with some wedding invitation designers in 2011.  Then in the spring of this year I had a wonderful opportunity present itself:  Macy's Merchandising Group contacted me because they wanted to use my Santa Penguin on a ladies sleep shirt for Winter 2012.

Yes, I did the happy dance.

Not wanting to get my hopes up, I kept this under wraps until I could actually see (and promote!) the finished product.  So here is my official unveiling of Santa Penguin "Critters" Pajama Top, now available at Macy's.

I encourage you to check it out, and please consider liking, tweeting, plus one-ing, or any combination of all of the above.

Of course, you can still find a giclee print of Santa Penguin in my Etsy Shop!


Christy , wow... Congratulations... How exciting. Your Santa penguin top is beautiful. I hope Macy's will sell lots and come back for more... I will post it to Facebook!
Jessie said…
Wow!! Congrats! What a wonderful honor, and well deserved, I might add! Might have to buy myself a pair of PJs! :-)
Unknown said…
Thank you, Pam & Jessie!

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