Sunday, February 5, 2012


This week I'll be teaching a fun watercolour workshop.

With a limited palette of New Gamboge, Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine Turquoise we'll harness the power of water and blending.

The subject:  Lovebirds.  I used a stock photo for reference, as I didn't have any Lovebirds hanging around ready and willing to pose for me. 

Technique: mostly wet-in-wet with a little bit of dry-brushing at the end for detail.

We will be turning these into Valentine's Day cards, but of course they could just as easily be framed or used as any kind of greeting card.

~ Christy


Pam of alwaysartistic said...

They are gorgeous!

My mosaic world said...

I love your art work. Do you teach often or planning on it? I would be interested. Thank you, Nathalie