Sunday, November 28, 2010

New ACEO landscapes and seascapes in my Etsy shop

Just listed! 
4 ACEO size giclee prints, listed for the first time.
"Sea, Sand & Dunes" seascape ACEO print by Christy DeKoning

"Sea, Sand & Dunes" was painted many years ago after returning from a trip to my childhood home of Coolum Beach in Queensland, Australia.  I've tidied up the print and I'm very pleased with it. This print is also available in larger sizes.

"Lighthouse on the Hill" ACEO print by Christy DeKoning
One of my very early landscapes features a lighthouse and the keeper's cottage on top of a grassy hill with the sea in the distance.  I've always been fond of this painting!

"Rose Bay" ACEO print by Christy DeKoning
"Rose Bay" features a seascape of the boats docked in Sydney Harbour on a dazzling sunlit morning. Painted earlier this year.

"Sunset on the Farm" ACEO landscape print by Christy DeKoning
You may recall seeing this painting a couple years ago. I've cropped it to suit ACEO dimensions and it has a fresh life!


Manon Doyle said...

Thought I'd pop by instead of FB for a change. them all especially Rose Bay!!
Hope you're doing well, my friend!! xo

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Oh they are all so beautiful Christy!

Terry Banderas said...

Love these ACEOs. I am sure each one can be done very quickly. I have not tried any of these. Are you successful in selling them?

smellyrhinostudio said...

ooh neat! I love that farm!

Christy DeKoning said...

Hello Manon ~ so lovely of you to pop by :-) I'm so glad you like them. Yes, I'm happy and healthy and still painting so life is good. Thank you!
Pam, thank you! I'm happy to see you are still floating around the blogosphere even while your creative focus is changing shape.
Terry, thank you! You know, the time for each painting varies but I really enjoy creating small pieces. I have a loyal following of ACEO collectors which makes it quite worthwhile.
Becca, how cool to see you. The farm is popular at my local events - I always sell out of this print.

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Christy! Thank you! Yes I am still reading some blogs although I did cut it back a lot. I had way too many and just couldn't keep up. Should be easier to follow now!

Cathy Bueti said...

So happy to have found your blog! I love your art work! These are all beautiful but my favorite is the sunset!! I like to paint landscape too but am just a beginner. Looking forward to following your blog!


smartee said...

The pink sky is awesome...what a great job..!