Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Horsing Around with Custom Note Cards

I had a request for Horse Note Cards yesterday - and I thought I should mention that I can make note cards from any of my original paintings and designs. 

Time for a new listing, you say? 
I'll just "throw it on the pile, I guess" (a favourite quote of mine from Ratatouille, probably heard too often in our household)

So what do you get when you order custom note cards from Christy?
For $12, you receive 6 cards (about 4x5 inches) printed with your favourite image from my collection, plus envelopes, plus 6 handmade seals to match the images you selected.
Can you mix & match the images?
What if I want more than 6, you ask?
For $20, I'll make it a pack of 12.

 I've made this pretty simple. Here's the custom notecard listing ...

                                                Now the hardest part will be choosing your designs!