Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's Get Primitive

The Primitive Collection available only at

Things got a little primitive at my place this week.

While playing and painting with my youngest son, I squeezed out just a little too much Duochrome Saguaro Green iridescent paint 
(I love this stuff - shimmery gold green watercolour available exclusively from

What's a girl to do?

Get messy, I say!

I had a sheet of hot pressed watercolour paper handy, and using a #4 round I just let the paint do what it wanted to.  Loading up the brush with lots of juicy wet paint, I didn't worry about the end result, preferring to relax and let the brushstrokes do the talking.

What I ended up with was a pretty fun mix of primitive folk-art style creatures that I cut into ACEO cards. 

 Each one is numbered :

"Primitive #1 (the fish)
"Primitive #2" (turtle top left)
and "Primitive #4" (turtle top right)

A great exercise in loosening up.  Try it!

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Anonymous said...

Christy, if I tried that, it would be a "mess", not "art" ! You are so talented to be able to turn what I would trash into mini-masterpieces


Christy DeKoning said...

Haha, well I'm not so sure they would qualify as mini-masterpieces, but thank you jeanette! Maybe you're still being too fussy. You've got to be REALLY messy haha.

Pam of Always Artistic said...

I love these, so cool!