Painting accepted into juried art show!

Watercolour portrait girl in the water

"Sweet Love Submersive"
24" x 36"
watercolour on canvas

You may recall a few weeks ago, I was working on a painting for a juried community arts initiative.

Well, the piece is finished, sealed, wired, and delivered - and I got the call today that it had been accepted!

So as promised, here is the rest of the story:

Sweet Love Submersive

24”x36” watercolour on canvas
Christy DeKoning 2010

There was a girl who woke up one morning without a dad.

He got lost in the dark. The girl knew he wouldn't come back because the place he went was too cold. The Water Wind pulled at him, bringing him deeper until he wasn't there anymore.

The girl got lost in many ways, and she knew not to trust water that was cold or dark. She knew to stay away, and she wondered why he didn't know what the Water Wind could do to him.

Many years later, when the girl was less a girl than a woman, and she wasn't quite so lost anymore, she ventured into the deep and cold. The Water Wind pulled at her – they tried to bring her down, too, but she held on to the Edge. She felt what he did, but didn't have to give in.”
~ Jenny-Rae Merritt 2010

Sweet Love Submersive” is a collaboration between artists Christy DeKoning and Jenny-Rae Merritt.
On a windy, cold day in April, Jen and I took off to push our edges in the frigid waters of Lake Erie.
Jen was ferociously brave and stayed in the water for as many photos as we could manage before my fingers froze (yes, I was the one who caved first!)
Back in the studio, I was responsible for both pushing my own artistic edge with different colour choices and techniques than I would normally choose, and for creating a piece that represented all the emotional edges that Jenny-Rae had pushed (and conquered) while posing for me.

To finish it off, Jenny-Rae's story is painted on the edge of the canvas.
~ Christy DeKoning 2010


Wow congratulations to you both. That is really exciting. I love how her poem is printed on the edges. What a cool collaboration.
Unknown said…
Thank you Pam! We are really looking forward to the opening on Thursday night.
This was my first-ever collaboration, and it was wonderful. The story on the edge was kind of a last-minute idea, and I love how it turned out.

Your welcome! Opening night should be fun! You should bring your camera and take a picture of what it looks like there! Maybe with the two of you standing beside. Would be nice to remember the night!
Som's Studio said…
Wow! What a fantastic piece! Congrats to both of you!
Unknown said…
Pam, I'll definitely take my camera. It tends to get pretty crowded on opening nights, but I'll make sure I get a shot. The gallery has brick walls and I really like how the paintings stand out against them.

Som, thank you (from both of us!)
Laura Williams said…
Jen's courage runs much deeper than the waters in which she delved into - though similar to its vastness, her courage is endless and she is on a path that will find her standing on the shore not contemplating but surrounded by serenity and peace of what lies ahead.
Veronica Gasper said…
What a great story, collaboration and portrait...Very, very nice!!!

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