New original seascape watercolor painting and a winner for June!

Boats on the Water original seascape watercolour painting
"Rose Bay"
8x10 inches
watercolour on 300lb cold press paper

One of my favourite places in the world is a little, tucked away spot between Double Bay and Rose Bay in Sydney Harbour called "Redleaf".
The library sits at the top of a hill, by the road.
Then you meander through a garden with palm trees and wooden benches,
to arrive at the steps down to the water.
the "pool" is enclosed by a boardwalk or pier that wraps around an enclosed swimming area.
This is a perfect spot for pulling yourself out of the water
and lying on the warm wooden deck, like an island oasis.

The water is perfect, and the sailboats sparkle and dip in the harbour.

"Rose Bay" is the first in a small series of 8x10 watercolours that I will be painting of the area.

In other news:

I sat down at my desk this morning and looked at the date.
I mean, REALLY looked.

July 16.

So I started thinking, "did I draw Pam's name only 2 weeks ago?"

.... then I started looking back through my posts,
and the reality hit me.
Yes, time is flying by much faster than I initially suspected!

Pam was the MAY winner, and no, I hadn't drawn a name for June.
*hangs head*

I'm really thankful that you've all been so patient.
Not one of you has been snarky on my Facebook Page
or taken over my twitter feed
or even sent a little reminder email!

So without further ado,
may I present you with the winner of a $25 gift certificate from my online shop for June 2010:


Congratulations, Marlene. You can use the Gift Certificate to purchase anything in the shop, or put it towards a custom painting.

For anyone new following this blog, all you have to do is leave a comment on my blog posts for the current month and I'll enter your name into the draw (comment all you like, but I'll only count one comment per post). You can also get bonus entries by tweeting my blog posts on Twitter, or posting them to your Facebook status. Just make sure you come back to the blog and leave a link to the "extra" plug or I might not find out about it!


Alex Zonis said…
Amazing! Love the brilliant light!
Congratulations Marlene, you will love her work! That is a beautiful painting! Wow was it Mar already, time is flying!
Unknown said…
Thank you Alex :-)

Pam, the year is simply speeding by isn't it?

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