Solving problems with design and colour in watercolor paintings

I'm working on a 24"x36" canvas for another community arts initiative. This one is called "On the Edge" and all works submitted must respond to an edge - be it physical, psychological or pushing an artistic edge.

I called on another artist friend of mine, Jen Merritt, to work on this with me. We went out into Lake Erie - freezing cold, windy, nasty conditions - to push our edges. 

I have to say, in all honesty, that Jen did most of the "pushing" as I was the one with the camera, therefore a little warmer and drier!

Anyway, this story has more to it with pushing psychological and emotional edges, which I will share with you when the piece is finished. For now, I'm working on the artistic edges, and let me tell you, they weren't happening.

I have been stuck looking at this unfinished painting for weeks! I wanted to push my edges, but didn't know exactly where they were or how to even start. 

Today, I was up at 4am to pick my son up from the airport (he decided not to move to Australia just yet and went for a visit instead) - when I got home, I looked at the painting (again) and then, uninspired, I had a nap. I was ready to throw in the towel and just paint her feet on the water's edge instead.

But the power of the nap should never be misjudged!

When I awoke, I realized that I had been dreaming - real, vibrant, big dreams.

And I could finally translate what was missing before: colour, contrast, drama and directional movement.

This is my mess on the floor - working big, with a house painting brush, and squishing out colour straight from the tube onto the painting. It still needs more work, but not too much - I will NOT over-work this!

(promise to self)

here, below, is how it's looking so far. The reflections are from the wet paint.

The May draw is for a $25 gift certificate from my ArtFire shop. It can be used toward anything, including a custom ACEO painting.

Congratulations, Pam - I just KNEW your name would come up sooner or later!
thank you for being here :-)


Anonymous said…
wow.. it looks SO different now than when I saw it last week. I like it. a lot! I think the eyes shut will really add to it, too, even though my eyes are my feature.

in photos i tend to amp up the contrast for similar reasons - makes it more edgy. i love what you've done with this. i also love your idea of having me write along the outside. I can tell my story - the psychological and emotional edge to it.
Oh my goodness, Pam as in me ?

You have no idea how excited I am! LOL I just love your art! Hmmm I will have to take some serious time trying to decide! LOL I am off to go look!
LOL I was so excited I forgot to comment on your new painting! I just love her, and can picture the two of you out there at Lake Eerie, sounds like a lot of fun!

I loved the beginning picture and then saw the one in color, it is gorgeous!
Marlene said…
Christy that is a beautiful painting and it really fits all the "edges". Congrats to Pam.
Thank you Marlene! I still can't believe it! So happy! lol

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