Stormy Skies and Distant Trees

A "pleine air" offering today.

I went to the park, 
watched sparrows build nests,
laughed at the two ducks enjoying the water on top of the liner in the public pool,
soaked up the sun,
(relishing each ray)
and painted a little 5x7 landscape:

5x7 inches
watercolour on 140lb cold press paper

I hope it draws you in, making you want to stay a while 
(despite the threat of rain)


Alex Zonis said…
It is beautiful, Christy! Not sure about being "drawn in", but it is definitely moody and brooding. Love the sky colors.
Marlene said…
Nice job It really tried to draw me in, but I managed to resist staying as I see enough rain here in Oregon (LOL)
Unknown said…
Thank you Alex :-)
I realized after posting it that the exposure on the photo sort of kills any chance of being drawn in lol - but the painting itself has a bit more depth.

Marlene, I lived in Vancouver for about 10 years - so the trees that I feel the most comfortable painting (without a reference photo) are West Coast firs, cedars, etc. Anything else runs the chance of looking like a mushroom if I'm not careful hehe.

... and I'm thrilled to say, this painting is now SOLD!
alcatmom said…
Not surprised it sold - it's wonderful. I love rainy days and I used love thunder storms until one of my kitties developed a fear of them. Now they are just nerve wracking for me.
Heather Gordy said…
Lovely use of colors.
Gorgeous, I love it! The colors are perfect!

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