Monday, April 26, 2010

Paris and Postcards

I realized this weekend that it has been almost a year since I strolled through the beautiful gardens of Paris, or meandered the winding streets of Montmartre.

A year is too long!

On a day like today, my heart longs for Paris. To sit across from Puss in Boots, immortalized forever in a tribute to Charles Perrault, while children bounce on trampolines behind me.

Or perhaps I would set up my easel on the Pont des Arts to absorb the atmosphere and paint en plein air?

My day might end atop the butte Montmartre, peering over the shoulders of portrait artists and savouring ice cream from
Tutti Sensi.
Where would you be?

If you happen to be the winning commenters, High on Craft, Glenda, or Alcatmom - you'll even have a pack of postcards ready to record your adventures!

Congratulations and thank you for commenting last post!


Pam of Always Artistic said...

Beautiful post cards! Congrats to the winners!

Glenda said...

darn it ! This will teach me to not have the tab selected to receive email updates on follow up comments! (I'm checking it NOW!) I imagine this ship has long sailed .. and here I stand on the pier... lol !

Christy DeKoning said...

Glenda, you are still a winner in my eyes lol...
send your contact info to: and I'll pop them in the mail.

Glenda said...

I'm a real winner alright! (check out my blog) LOL
You are a peach!

ps... the email notification is working now... lol