Wordless Wednesday Male Nude a la Jackson-Triggs 2009 Shiraz

Painting with Wine - male nude, originally uploaded by christydekoning.
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I like this Wordless Wednesday thing...I think I'll take advantage of that today! plus, who needs words when you have that view! Nice piece!
Beautiful Christy!! The lines, your brushstorkes...breathtaking!! :)
Manon said…
Ya... I'm with smelly rhino on this one. He's pretty awesome. Question. While you where drinking this 2009 Chiraz.... did you have this male model in your presence to paint? 2nd question? If he was in your presence..... how the heck did u get any painting done? Just asking. : )
Manon said…
Btw.... i think i fixed my fb fan page thing..... lol. Takes me a while to figure things out!
I really came back to stare at the guy...lol.
Unknown said…
Becca, these are my easiest blog posts. And sometimes the hardest, deciding which ones I don't need to talk about! Thank you :-)

Maria, thank you. I find that my brush strokes relax a LOT when I paint the male figure. Funny huh?

Manon, a girl must never kiss and tell. Ooops! I mean, paint and tell.... but all that aside, I definitely enjoy painting male nudes. What's not to like?

This particular model's name is Jesse, and he visits my studio quite often via my Art Models subscription. Virtually, of course. Good thing I've got a really big computer screen eh?

... and thanks for fixing your fb page. i'll be right over.
Ok, I posted my wordy Wednesday post. LOL completely missed the point!! there's always next week!
Alex Zonis said…
What an eye candy! ;)
Rydia Lavenia said…
His hair affects me.... I don't know why, I feel like I want to grab it.

I handed out everyone's necklaces and boy what a hit! Everyone wants one, everyone's jealous - even the small little girls!
My sister was ecstatic with her Deanna Durbin! She was excited you knew who she was!! hehehehe

We have all been wearing them and raving about you and your etsy site!


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