Sock Monkeys caught monkeying around on tape.

I'm working on a new illustration right now for a fun-lovin' Super 8 camera buff in Seattle. Two sock monkeys cavorting around with the Super 8 cameras, caught up in a reel of film. Here is the rough sketch that I'm about to start painting:

I've had the pleasure of creating several pieces of art for this fellow in the past, and you might notice a theme here:

And one for the cover of his Film School DVD:

This last one was fun - I used masking fluid on the "chalkboard" then painted over in black. When the paint was dry I just lifted off the mask and it was still white underneath. 

(a tip: if you don't want to rub over your painting when removing masking fluid, take a piece of masking tape and press it onto the dry mask - lift up, and the gummy mask will come off with the tape)

I'll keep you posted with the progress of those naughty sock monkeys!


Manon said…
Love the sock monkey theme! I might need you to paint me with my sock monkey! Wouldn't that be funny? The hat not my!
I adore the film school DVD cover!! It cracked me up!!
Unknown said…
thanks Manon!
You know, I'd LOVE to paint you in your sock monkey hat.
Food for future thoughts....
Get a pick up...they're the best for removing the masking fluid.
I'll send you one if you can't find one.

Love these my talented friend!
Anne said…
Gotta love sock monkeys! Great blog!
I love these little sock monkeys, too cute! Can't wait to see it finished!

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