Monday, March 29, 2010

Pear watercolour still life

9x12 inches
watercolour on 140lb cold press paper

Still Life.
Not very exciting, I know, but a change from the usual for me, nonetheless.

I've been asked to instruct a watercolour class for this year's Mosaic Art Camp (link is to the pdf file from last year's Gala). The Art Camp is a 6-week long program at the Children's Treatment Centre in Chatham-Kent, Ontario which enables children of all abilities to experience various art mediums. The works are then auctioned off at a fundraising Gala in the fall. Last year, the artwork raised over $30,000!

Because this is a short class (one hour), we are working with a simple subject. I've chosen the pear for several reasons.

1) I like pears.

2) Pears are easily recognizable by their shape alone. 
In other words, you can do almost anything to it and it will still look like a pear.
One can't really say the same for a banana.

3) Food sells.
 I've found that still life studies of food in general are popular with collectors.

4) Simplicity in shape allows for creative colour accidents.

Now I have to break this down into simple steps. We'll be using one colour at a time, so when I have the lesson plan worked out I'll post it on my blog for anyone else that would like to try it. This image I've shared with you is my first pear, ever, so I'll likely simplify the colours a bit more - but it's a start. 

in other news....  may I present Miss Zero, as promised yesterday:

It's my birthday today. 
Which means I don't have to cook, I get to order in Thai tonight (I'm the only one in the house who appreciates Thai cuisine) and I can download book 9 of the Sookie Stackhouse series with my new KINDLE (ya baby!) - no more waiting for the paperback release in April.

If the sun would peek out, my day would be complete.


Samantha said...


Alex Zonis said...

It looks juicy and sweet! Wonderful!

Happy Birthday to you, my friend!

Rita said...

That's a pretty good first pear! And I just love the dog!!!

Have a very Happy Birthday today!


Mary Jane said...

We share the same birthday!

Nice work on the pear.
Looks good enough to eat!

Happy Birthday, Christy!

Manon Doyle said...

Happy, happy birthday, girlfriend!!
Congrats on the Mosaic Art Camp!!
Funny..... I'm waiting for the molding paste to dry on some large canvases and I hauled out some 6"x6" squares to paint on.... and I was thinking maybe a pear or and *voila* there's your beautiful pear!!
Miss Zero is not coming on my screen. I will check back later!!
I'd eat Thai with you, my friend! I love the stuff. Have a big glass of wine on me!! cheers!

Marlene said...

Great pear, I love pears too and they make a great subject for a watercolor, I do want to follow your lesson plan, sounds fun. Happy Happy Birthday to you. Cute doggie.

Sirkka´s photo and art said...

Nice dog, good work on the watercolours

Pam of Always Artistic said...


I bet the kids will have a lot of fun in your class! Beautiful pear and what a sweet dog!

Christy DeKoning said...

Samantha, Alex, Rita - thank you!
Mary Jane, Happy Birthday to you too :-)
Manon, you know you are welcome to stop in on your next drive up to Canada - we'll have Thai for lunch.
Marlene, I'll try to get the lesson plan soon.
yikes I tend to overextend myself lol
Sirkka (cool name!) thank you, so nice to see new faces this past month.
Pam, the class was a great success and we all had fun. The interesting pears that were created just shone with colour.

THANK you all so much for your comments!

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Hi Christy,

I have a blog award for you.

P.S. You do not have to answer the questions, only if you would like to!


Jen Merritt said...

Did i know that your birthday was a day before mine?? Anyway.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetness!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Christy! Your work inspires me so much. Love your watercolor portaits. I hope you had a wonderful day.