Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mixing Colours, Creating Moods

Sometimes, things start out with just an idea.

a wisp of pink
a wash of red
a push of sand
and a drop of yellow

I have been making rings 
out of original watercolours lately, 
playing with different blends 
and washes of colours
then sealing them under glass

While doing this last night
I came across a mix
that I had to try larger.

with a sweep of my arm
I cleared the space around me
(some of it is still on the floor)

I wet down a block of paper
laid in Perylene Red
then Quinacridone Red
New Gamboge
Transparent Red Oxide
and finally 
pushed it around
with Buff Titanium

The result is in the first image.
Now to just let it sit
and be.

Until it tells me what it wants to be
when it grows up.

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How could I not add a comment - I would name this one: Brazilian sunrise.

Kathleen said...

Lucious! I love the colors =)

Marlene said...

Beautiful, love the colors. It will grow up to be something fantastic I am sure.

Pam of Always Artistic said...

These are beautiful! That first image is gorgeous how it is, I can't imagine when you add to it - will be stunning!