Girl Next Door, meet my paintbrush...

Custom Pin Up ~ 11x14 inches
Watercolour on Arches 140lb cold press paper

I had a fun commission last month - a custom '40s style pin up painting.

It started the same way any other commission does: the usual back and forth emails as we decide on placement, colours and size.

Then the fun began...

In order to transform my reference photo - a beautiful woman on the beach -  into a '40s style pin up model, certain changes and allowances were necessary.
As always, I drew inspiration from the amazing art of Gil Elvgren, Pearl Frush and Alberto Vargas.

The legs needed to be elongated.
The bare feet swapped for platform sandals.
The leg opening of the bikini bottom needed to be lower across the thigh.
And the hair, which was wet in the photo, transformed into a soft mass of curls.

I'm very pleased with the finished work, and apparently the client's husband is, too *wink*


Manon said…
Love her!! Those shoes rock, girlfriend! You should be pleased because she's awesome!!!!
Alex Zonis said…
I want shoes like that. I think I actually own a pair that was very similar back then when platforms were in :)

I love her! I think she is totally cool, and I am a girl. Any red blooded guy would go weak at the sight of her, trust me.

(Ok, I feel I said something politically incorrect here, but I can't figure out what it is. I apologize to whoever needs an apology!)
Unknown said…
Manon, thanks! The shoes are the best part lol.

Alex, there's no offence taken here, I think your comments are perfect! Thanks for the feedback :-)

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