Painting Penny Lane on AquaBord

"Penny Lane"
8x10 watercolour on AquaBord
private collection

Now that the holidays are behind us for another year, I can start showing you what I was working on before Christmas - with no worrying about spoiling anyone's surprise under the tree.

Let me introduce you to Penny Lane.

I wanted to really emphasize the long strands of hair on Miss Penny, and that meant getting creative. So to start with, I selected AquaBord as my surface. My reason for this was that AquaBord "gives watercolorists unprecedented freedom and control. Comparable to watercolor paper, this multimedia panel simulates the absorbency and texture of cold pressed but allows color to be lifted back to white easily while also leaving the richest, most vibrant color possible. This reworkable surface provides natural looking highlights, fluid glazes, transparent subtle layers, and the ability to lift color while the surface is wet or even after it is dry."

(did you like that? pretty poetic, I thought. 
Straight from the horse's mouth, too)

You can get AquaBord at Blicks for about 40% off the list price, in either a flat panel or with a cradle (like a shallow box for displaying "as is")

So as you can see, AquaBord is pretty versatile, and perfect for lifting out those white strands of hair from the black background. True to traditional watercolour, I didn't use any white paint on Penny Lane. My favourite part of this painting, however, is the eyes. I love how I was able to lift out a bit around the reflections, laying in different colours, to achieve that wonderful "glassy" appearance.


Kathleen said…
That is a great portrait and I love the description of the aqua board! Thanks for the tip =) may have to try that someday - lol - put it on my list!
gorgeous! simply gorgeous!
I know this made someone very happy.
Unknown said…
Hi kathleen,
you're welcome. I absolutely LOVE working on aquabord for detail work like pets and portraiture, especially.
Not so much for large washes though.
I will do a more in-depth post on aquabord some day soon.

Becca, you flatterer. You rock.

Christine, I have it in good faith (with photos!) that it reduced the recipient to tears on Christmas Day. I love knowing that! Thank you :-)

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