Australia calling... it's in our blood, I guess!

I have had a rather busy week!

Most of you know that I grew up in Australia, and that I have two amazing sons. Well, my eldest son, Jordan has decided to give life in Australia a try, too. He's chomping at the bit and raring to go!

My Dad and Jordan, 1992
(photo taken after it was framed, sorry for reflections)

Which means that I've been sinking in piles of paperwork. Even though Jordan is an Australian citizen by descent, the forms to be filled out, photos to be notarized, and long-forgotten files of mine to be dug out have taken up my time completely. Oh, and waiting for a long-form birth certificate from Vital Statistics, too. Just in case there was any doubt that I am, indeed, his mother.

Phone calls to my Dad with requests like "hey, do you know where my High School Certificate is?" and "um, do you know where my Grade 8 report card is?" because even though I'm also an Australian citizen, with the papers to prove it, I also have to prove that I lived there for more than 2 years. Lucky for me, for some nostalgic reason or another I also kept my last income tax return. Oh, you can imagine the humor involved when I called the Taxation Centre in Sydney to update my address on file.

Steve, from Taxation: "now I know that you won't have this, but do you happen to remember the address on file for your last return?"

me: "sure, it's right here."

Steve: "here?"

me: "yeah, on my last income tax return statement"

Steve: "you still HAVE it?"

me: "um, yes"

Steve: "that was 20 years ago. I can't believe how organized you are"

(now this is where anyone that really knows me starts laughing hysterically because I am NOT organized)

me: "well, I guess I kept it because I was so excited to get money back!"

Jordan & Juniper, 2000

Yes, this has been my week. But now the papers are in Ottawa at the Australian High Commission, and apparently the wait time is only about 3 weeks.

Which is good, because anyone who remembers being 18, probably recalls not being able to wait for the weekend, let alone anything else.

Jordan, 2008


Manon said…
Awe!! Love the paintings you did of Jordan!!
Christy.... you've written such a wonderful post..... funny about those tax returns. I'm sure Jordan is anxious to start this chapter of his life. I can feel for you, however. Alex left for college in September and I had a breakdown for 2 and she's only 1 1/2 hours from me. You'll be fine.... let me know if you need a shoulder... I'm well practiced!
Alex Zonis said…
Jordan's portraits are very lovely! I particularly like the second one from 2000.

Had to laugh reading your tax conversation! Ha-ha-ha! My husband is a pack rat, he has papers from 30 - 35 years ago, but he can never find them when needed. We always find interesting old things when we are looking for something else - "oh yea... we needed this one last time we searched..."

My daughter left for college in Sept. 2008. I was a basket case for months even though she didn't even leave the city. She moved out to the dorm however, and it was very hard. I understand this so well.

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