Another Mudshake for my friend, please

"Another Vodka Mudshake for my friend here..."

Now I don't drink very much. Mostly because over the years I've turned into a rather cheap date. Like "half-a-glass and I'm the happiest chick in the henhouse" kind of cheap.

But while I was away at Ste. Anne's Spa, I was charmed into trying a bottle of Irish Creme Vodka Cooler. Usually I find coolers of any kind to be sickly sweet, which means I couldn't finish one even if I wanted to - a rather safe bet if i want to keep my head on, right?

Enter the Creme de la Creme of coolers... I had a little taste and in the next breath, the bottle was empty.
Shocking, I know!

I am home now, trying to get motivated to clean the house. But with a 2-month waitlist of commissioned portraits ahead of me, I'm afraid the cleaning will have to wait.
Maybe I'll hire a student!
Ah, wouldn't that be sweet, me here painting and blogging while an underpaid teenager puts away the empties lurking in corners of my bookshelf:

(you know, I might be on to something here...)

With that said, I must make a flyer for the local high school and catch up with you on the flip side!

Happy New Year from my (messy) studio to yours.

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Manon said…
My dearest Christy!!

Sounds like we're in the same *cheap date* boat!! It's usually ... one drink, two drinks...floor, for me!! LOL

Ok... now this Irish Creme Vodka cooler thinger maginger sounds like it might be toooo sweet for me but I'll take your word for it. I can see you knocked yourself out! It might be your new favorite! I do like Bailey's Irish Creme on ice once in awhile. They call it a Nutty Irishman!!

Omg....did I spend all this time talking about cocktails? lol!!

Yes.... Happy New Year from my mess to yours!!


p.s. hire that student to clean all those coolers up!
Alex Zonis said…
So good to see you posting again, Christy! With all these holidays/vacations interruptions, I really missed your posts.

I love your cat-in-a-hat painting, a great illustration for Irish Creme Vodka story. Ha-ha-ha! I have no head for alcohol anymore - a glass of wine and I get the giggles and then want to lie down. What’s up with that?

I think there is a potential painting in your photo of a bookshelf and an empty bottle. Look at it, you may get inspired. With my love of books, I can see painting like that much admired between the shelves. So don't clean it yet, for art's sake! :D

Hugs and Happy New Year!
Chuck Dilmore said…
i think
that your lack of stamina
is actually an attribute.

great tale!
(loved the stashed "empties" part!)

good luck finishing the Commissions!
(and wow - congrats on the volume...
i can attest to the splendor of your finished work!)

Wow beautiful paintings! Hope you had a fun getaway!
Unknown said…
Manon, we could spend all day talking about cocktails and splashing paint around!

Alex, yes, I'm back :-)
Why don't YOU paint the bottle on the bookshelf, and then post us a link when it's done? We'd love to see what you come up with!

Chuck, thank you. Painting Penny Lane was a delight - I think I'll post her pic next post!

Pam, anywhere but here is always a lovely time. I'm a gypsy at heart, so any trip is a good trip!

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