Is it okay to smile at an Alligator?

How could I not smile while working on this tiny portrait?
2½ x 3½ inches of pure sunshine.
Just what I needed in a day of cold, windy skies.

The technical details:
I have no idea what colours were actually on my palette today.

seriously, when my tray starts to look like this it's time to do a little cleanup.
i think that's a bit of quinacridone red at the top.
ummm.... maybe some aureolin yellow
and, ah, pink. Yes, definitely Quinacridone Rose.

I know for a fact that I warmed it all up with Quinacridone Burnt Orange.
(are you sensing a pattern here?)

the hair has some ultramarine turquoise and lunar black.
I don't usually use black, as you probably remember me saying...
but in this case it was a new tube just begging to be opened!

But really, the colours only tell part of the story.

I recall my school days in Australia
School uniforms... lunch at the tuck shop...
and silly rhymes designed to make you giggle:

"From Sydney Zoo
An Alligator
Was put on board
A flying freighter.
He ate the pilot
And the navigator
Then asked for more,
With mashed potater.

~Spike Milligan


Manon said…
The portrait is awesome Christy! Love the hair!!
OMG.... you should see my I can definitely relate!
The rhyme is sooo sweet!
Unknown said…
Hi Manon - thank you!

filthy palettes must be the sign of a productive artist, oui?

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