The power of music

It's pretty common for artists to listen to music while working, and I'm no exception.
The problem is, sometimes music can work against me. Like today, I was sketching out a new dog ACEO and heard Taylor Swift's "The Best Day" for the first time. It hit me sideways, unexpected and yet so familiar.
I was crying big, wretched, noisy fat tears by the time it was done. Thank goodness I don't wear makeup while I paint.
I was going through old photos last weekend, still finding boxes to sort out since my mother passed away last year. This one is my favourite, because we are both obviously so happy.

I love you Mom!


Manon said…
Ah... love the photo of you and your mom! I'm sure you miss her a lot!!

I'm a big music girl and like you I'll randomly cry at a

Christy.... to answer your question... I'm in AZ on a little vacation until next Wednesday.
Hey.... where's your work? I have my mosaic work out here also! You should make the trip.... it's breathtaking here!!
Kim said…
what a lovely photo Christy :)
I can understand your emotion..
I still cry when I think of my dear Dad...gone too soon in 2002 ...especially when I listen to songs that he used to sing to us ..

Mum's are precious and I'm sure she is still here with you in spirit...
Unknown said…
Manon, thank you for your lovely comments. I since went back and read your posts about the trip to AZ - I'm looking forward to going there, one day.
My art is in a small gallery called Kuzu Salon: in Tuscon. Where's yours?

Kim, thank you. You know, it took me a long time to start writing Mom instead of Mum when I moved here from Sydney. Yes, I can still feel her spirit at times when I need it most. I'm sorry your Dad had to leave too soon too. Hard to understand, isn't it.
Manon said…
I missed your answer. My mosaic work is at The Work of Artists on Mayo Blvd.

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