Christmas Pin Up 2009

So a little while ago I posted the charcoal sketch, "Legs Eleven", on my portfolio.

When I compose a value sketch, I invariably end up painting several different variations of the same theme.

Here is one painting, but probably not the last:

Now, if you're a member of my Facebook Page, you'll have seen this next one already - but for those of you who aren't...

(HOLD THE PHONE - you mean to tell me that some of you aren't in the loop? why not? I give away one painting every month - it's almost as good as free pie and chips - and who wouldn't want free pie and chips?)

... i'll understand if you need a moment to go join my page.

it's okay, we'll wait for you.

Now then, as I was saying - with Christmas just around the corner, I decided to create a Pin Up for the holidays, in the tradition of Vargas or Elvgren, but with my own little brand of sizzle.

I'm delighted with how she turned out in the sketch and can't wait to transfer this to AquaBord for the painting process.

The sketch will also be available for sale, closer to Christmas.


Manon said…
Love this piece! It's really awesome!! You do beautiful work Christy!!
Unknown said…
thank you Manon, it's what I love to do.
you know I always love visiting your blog too.
amazing work.

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