20/20 Referral Program in place

I've been working on commissions lately, and as most of them are gifts, I'm unable to show the work-in-progress stages until much later, after I'm assured that I won't ruin the surprise!

So in lieu of showing you what I'm working on now, I'll share with you this fun portrait I finished right after I returned from Paris (above), along with some news. I've been developing a referral program in the background here, as a way to thank my many repeat customers who refer their friends and family to me. As anyone in this industry knows, "word-of-mouth" is the absolute best form of advertising available. In fact, a very large percentage of my commissions in the last year were referred from previous clients. 

So instead of costly ads this year, I'm pushing my advertising dollars into the hands of the people who help me the most: you!

Here's how my "20/20 Referral Program" works:

When you refer a friend or family member to me for a new custom painting, that person will receive a 20% discount on their painting, and you will receive a credit in my studio worth 20% of their final cost.

eg: Your sister-in-law loves the painting you had commissioned as a gift for your parents last Christmas (in fact she secretly wishes she'd thought of it first). You send her to my ArtFire studio (& tell her to mention your name) and she commissions a portrait valued at $500. Her price will be marked down by 20% to $400 and you will receive a credit in my studio for $80 (20% of her final cost!) once the payment is completed.

It's a great way to save money on the most unique gift in the world - a custom portrait!

Now this will only work for orders placed either in my ArtFire shop, or via my website. I won't be offering this program in my Etsy shop; however, if you were a previous client of mine at Etsy and you refer a friend to my ArtFire shop, you will still receive the credit - but it will only be valid at ArtFire or my website. Capisce? 

I love reading your comments, so please let me know what you think! 


twiddlestix said…
Christy, your blog looks fabulous...not sure how you do it all! And of course, your paintings are amazing! I hope you are having a wonderful summer!
Unknown said…
Hi Heather! Thanks so much, I'm experimenting with new layouts - this needs some tweaking but I'm glad you like it!
Having a great summer, and hope you are too.

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