Saturday, May 9, 2009

Original ACEO paintings off to Arizona!

Twitter is a wonderful tool for making, and keeping, new connections. I like the fact that in a few simple tweets, you can get a feel for the personality of someone, and instantly start off a conversation. I've found myself following conversations from all around the world on subjects as varied as Pizza Making, Tea, Wine Bars in Paris, and of course, Art.

It was through Twitter that I connected with Hazel, of the beautiful Kuzu Salon in Tuscon, Arizona. It seems that Arizona has been on the brain for my family lately. First Twilight (yes, I can find a way to connect Twilight to almost anything - it's the six degrees rule) then my father, of all people, mentioned to me that he thinks he'd like to spend the winters in Arizona. Sounds good to me - where do I sign up?

Hazel asked me to paint 20 different and unique ACEO cards for her gallery. Considering that I usually paint ACEO cards one at a time, in between larger commissions, this was quite a challenge for me to concentrate on only small paintings, and so many of them.

Here is what the initial compilation looked like:

Not all of them went to Kuzu. I ended up painting a few more birds, so some changes were made.

That left me with some new pieces to add to my ArtFire shop, starting with the Crow. I've sold a few already, including one of the Canadian Landscape series up on the top right. But my favourite new ACEOs are the "French Bistro" series on the top left, second row from the top. I really like how they turned out - especially the cup of cappuccino. I'll be working on similar paintings in the future.

I kept one new Blue Jay painting, and added it to my ArtFire shop today - remember I add new art to ArtFire first, so that's the shop to follow (you can get my RSS updates delivered as soon as I list a new item).

What do you think of this cunning fellow? The jays fight with the squirrels in my yard over peanuts, but I have to say that the squirrels usually win.

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Rita said...

Your ACEOs are great! I too love the French Bistro Series. Hope you do well at the gallery!

Christy DeKoning said...

Thanks Rita!