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My studio is in a bit of chaos right now. Nothing particularly unique about that, actually, but I'm feeling a bit of "deadline pressure" at the moment.We are going to Paris for an extended long weekend at the end of May, and even though I'll be back in less than a week, I still feel the irresistable urge to complete EVERYTHING before I leave. It's like cleaning the kitchen before bed so that you wake up to a clean house (I do that every so often and I must say, it feels fantastic)

So I thought I'd share a few photos of work in progress right now.

I have an 18x24 inch portrait nearing completion, a set of illustrations for a folk tale, and a male nude that I did just to "clear my mind" (funny how painting the masculine form makes me feel better!)

This portrait is at the stage where I need to see more contrast, so I've just laid in an initial glaze for the background using a mixture of Burnt Sienna and Quinacridone Gold. I splashed some clear water on it while it was still shiny-wet to get the textures you see. Not much of that will show through in the end, but I don't want a completely solid background so this is a good start. The subject is quite pale, with a lot of cool coloring, which is why I've opted for a contrasting warm background. Also, the hair won't "jump out" so much on a similar colored background. While the background was drying, I used a dry brush around the hair and skin to soften the edges and give it a bit of a blur.

Next, I had a 1/8" thick panel of 24 x 36 Claybord in my studio waiting for some experimenting. Now Claybord is not traditionally used for watercolor because it is quite smooth. But having played with Yupo paper, I knew I wanted to try it out.

What better way to experiment than to pop my "Live Models" cd-rom into my Mac, prop up the board and start painting! I didn't use a pencil, just a 1" wash brush, some burnt sienna, idanthrone blue and hematite burnt scarlet. A little bit of Quinacridone Gold and there ye be sailor! (note: I have since toned down that white backside)

Lastly, I am painting another set of illustrations for a folk tale. Maybe if we're lucky I can have permission to reprint the tale with images when it's ready.

Shown here is Mr. Goat planting clover for the bees (who share their honey with him for making award-winning acorn pies!)

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Manon said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog Christy! Wow! I love your work!
BTW..... I lived in Brantford, Ontario for awhile. Not close to you but not terribly!

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