Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm moving my Blog

Sorry for the delay in posting - I've been busy organizing my new presence on the web!

I'd like to prepare all my readers for a big change...
I've moved my website, including my blog, over to SquareSpace, where I can have everything together - blog, website, gallery, etc.

The new address is:

That's it - just drop the "blogspot" and you're there! I've set up RSS, and have moved my posts up until now over to the new site.

I will be doing a few promotions soon to get things moving, but for now let's just say I've been busy cleaning house!

Artistically, I'm working on my next Classic Car painting, and I also finished up the last 4 in my Vintage Perfume Bottle ACEO series. Here's how they turned out:

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Amy Lilley Designs said...

So many changes on the web..I'll follow you where ever you set up shop...I'm doing some serious re-evaluating as well...will keep you posted, as they say...will look into your new 'home'!!

Deb DiSalvo said...

You're moving, huh? Seems like lots of people are making changes with their blog. I'm staying put for now, so you know where to find me and of course, I'll follow you wherever you go! BTW - I want to get my Stella pic from you & was wondering which shop you want me to get it from? You can convo me on etsy if you want and let me know.