Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stella - A Cat with Artistic Flair

Original ACEO watercolor
$12 at Art Fire

I have a confession to make. When I was younger (last week) I used to dream about being a glass-blower. It seemed so exotic and fascinating to be able to take sand and turn it into gorgeous colored glass. Then when I realized that I didn't have quite enough motivation to turn my garage into a firing pit (read: enough money to build a new firing room so that DH could keep his garage) well I just went back to my dreams of being a harpist in a flowing red dress (sort of like Sarah Brightman's ensemble several years back - I think it was about 30 feet long).

But NOW I can live a semi-glass-blower's life vicariously via the ArtisticFlair blog. Okay, she doesn't blow, but maybe she can? (I should ask her. Hey I know, maybe an interview for another day?) I digress... she is a "fused glass artist" and hot-damn is she cool!

I follow her blog regularly, and here's a pic of her nifty glass heart pendants:

What I love is that every one of Deb's pieces is completely new & unique. No two are alike (you can get these lovely hearts at her Etsy shop by the way) Oh and she lives in Columbus, Ohio - one of my favorite cities.

Hmmm... where was I going with this? Oh yes, a CAT with Artistic Flair... Thank you Deb for letting me use your beautiful photo of Stella as a model for my latest ACEO. I love how the wet-in-wet wash around her halo of fur turned out. It was quite challenging for me to wait while it dried before charging forward with the finer details.

In other news, I'm officially on Indiepublic and Twitter - so you can follow me whenever you want! (or you can just spy on my when you think I'm not watching, and fantasize about having a life as infinitely exciting and glamorous as mine)

Truly, what does a Glass Blower have on me?

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Deb DiSalvo said...

Christy -
Awwww, thank you sweety! BTW - I don't blow (geez.....does that sound right?!?!) although I did take a class on "glass" blowing and it is truly amazing! Again, love the painting of my sweet Stella!

Christy DeKoning said...

It's fun to say though isn't it?

I think I'd name my studio "BLOW" just for the hell of it, with maybe a pic of Johnny Depp floating in a bubble of glass.

Thanks Deb!

Deb DiSalvo said...

LOVE that idea! Now you have to start blowing!!!! Now I have Stella up on my blog too!
BTW - the title "Stella - A Cat with Artistic Flair" - how good are you? That's awesome.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Stella is a stunner...absolutely gorgeous, the cat and the painting...Deb should be over the moon!!!