Marilyn Monroe ACEO painting from B&W postcard

Marilyn Monroe #1
2.5 x 3.5 inches (ACEO)
$15 at Art Fire

After finishing up a few commissions this week, I needed to do something fun for me, and to add to my Art Fire & Etsy shops.

I just finished a custom ACEO (still only $15 at Art Fire) of these 2 best friends, and I was still in the mood for painting portraits. I love the bandanna here, and it was fun that the girl on the left had eye makeup on - I don't get to paint that very often!

I was browsing some old postcards that I collected as a teenager, and this one I picked up in 1987 (I wrote the dates on the back for some reason!). I have quite a collection of old B&W film star postcards, and Marilyn Monroe was a personal fave - next up on my list was Marlon Brando. Hmm...maybe I'll paint him next for a bit of nostalgia.

I love the freedom of working from a B&W photo, because the opportunities to select colors that appeal to me are limitless. Here is the reference photo ( a postcard from France that reads "Photo Baron Studios, London" as the only credit). Not a lot to work with, but the basis was there for a really fun portrait. I had to guess on the eyes, as they were mostly black shadows, but I drew Ms. Monroe so many times in my youth that it was like riding a bicycle - I don't think I'll ever forget what they should look like!


Som's Studio said…
Ms. Monroe is gorgeous!! You are so talented Christy...
The portrait of the two friends is exceptionally well done, love the bandana and the eye makeup :)
Unknown said…
Thanks Som! I was very lucky, the Marilyn Monroe painting sold right away.

AND...I'm wearing my thread earrings you made day and night :-) I hardly even bother with the ones I asked for in the Alchemy request lol. Get more threaded earrings in your shop lady - I'll send my bloggers your way!
Marilyn is date..none as gorgeous as she...AMAZING painting!!!
twiddlestix said…
Love the portrait of the 2 girls...fabulous job! I didn't know you were on is it going there?
Unknown said…
Amy, thank you - I've always enjoyed painting her. As you say, absolutely gorgeous in a way that just shines through.

Heather, thanks! The subject matter was great - such beautiful girls, and their eyes open wide enough to get great detail in a small space.

Artfire is going great (for being still in Beta stages). I'm doing a lot of promoting and referring my clients to Artfire because obviously I'd rather sell with a flat $7/month fee than what I'm paying at Etsy! I'll blog about it soon - pros and cons, etc.
Unknown said…
thank you GypsyMoon!
Anonymous said…
Wow! I LOOOVE this painting of Monroe, awesome!
Deb DiSalvo said…
Hey - I saw Marilyn in your etsy shop today and came right over here - she is stunning!!! I love the way you used your colors on her - FABULOUS! And the portrait of the 2 girls is awesome - you really are one talented gal!!!
Karen Faulkner said…
I can't believe these are only $15, this must be the art bargain of the century!
Unknown said…
Hi Karen - it's all part of my wicked master plan to drive business to Art Fire!
Anonymous said…
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