Whimsical Doll Art

Last year, I was fortunate to meet so many different people through my love of painting. One such person has the most beautiful marionette dolls I've ever seen, and on two occasions now she's asked me to paint small portraits of her dolls.

This will be trimmed to ACEO size, however I like the lost edges in the original version so I thought I'd post what it looks like before I do any cropping.

Note the puddle of color at the top left? That's where I blot my brush, or test out colors. Usually I have a scrap piece of watercolor paper handy beside me for just such a purpose, but when there is excess paper on the painting itself, it makes a perfect spot - the paper and texture is identical to the paper so I can see exactly how it will react.


Unknown said…
I love it!!!

The blot belongs to the painting.
It brings in some kind of balance.
Like it's the nature of the painting.

:-) MaryLou said…
You know, you can always offer this as an ACEO, include in the description that it's uncropped and that you can trim it or leave it untrimmed. Even some avid ACEO collectors might like it with those edges (they do add something to it).

Unknown said…
Thank you Laane :-)
It's always fun to see what the "mistakes" turn into isn't it? Balance. I like it.
Unknown said…
MaryLou, thank you for the input. It was a custom painting, so it's already sold and won't be listed in my shop but I'll definitely offer to ship it uncropped!

I like it so much though that I might offer it as a print instead :)
Anonymous said…
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High On Craft said…
What a sweet little face! Great job. I think you should definitely offer it as a print in your shop.
Oh wow so soft and cuddly! I love it it reminds me of a feather! I finally finished my design and have a story to tell.
Terry Banderas said…
Hi Christy. Happy new year. This doll painting is very nice. Would love to see this one framed and I'll bet it would look fantastic--not to mention that it would sell quickly.
THE BLOT...I do what you do...make it work...wow, what a great commission...beautiful...looking forward to see the rest of the cast!
Carlos said…
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Very nice the little doll!
I like it very much.;))
Anonymous said…
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Christy is just a wonderful artist and I am honored to have her done my dolls. Here is the other work she did for me: www.themagicalmarionettetheatre.blogspot.com . Thnka Christy!

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