Saturday, January 3, 2009

Twilight / Robert Pattinson ACEO

2.5 x 3.5 inches
transparent watercolor on Arches 140lb cold-press paper

There's a reason I don't read as often as I used to.

I'm one of those people that can't put a good book down. I can't read myself to sleep. In fact, if I need to sleep, the LAST thing you want to do is hand me a good book because I'll be up all night.

Case in point: my Christmas gift this year.

I printed off this book list because I had been so busy painting all year that I really wasn't up on any new book releases. So it seemed like a good starting point for me. My top 3 requests were "The Time Traveler's Wife", "Shadow of the Wind" and "Twilight", in that order.

I received Twilight and, not knowing anything about it, started to read it that evening. I was so disappointed when I realized I had mistakenly asked for a "teen" book, and it was the only book I got! I was a teenager when Ann Rice wrote The Mummy (or Ramses the Damned) - one of my all time favorite books.

Nevertheless I plodded along to the first chapter and didn't get up off the couch until I'd read all 540+ pages (well okay, I went to bed for a while but I hardly slept before I was back to the couch reading again)

At that time, I think it was 9:30pm on Boxing Day, my dear husband politely asked me if I'd like him to go and buy me the second book. I must have looked pretty miserable at the thought of not having book 2 ready and waiting for another all-nighter.

(now just to clear things up here: my husband IS sweet, but I also believe his motives weren't entirely selfless...see he'd just bought a new TV that needed to be tweaked to his current project - a digital home theatre contained within a computer - so it was in his best interest to keep me occupied)
So now I've seen the movie (disappointing screenplay but I loved the cast) because I had to suffer through New Year's Day without book 3 to get started on, so why not go to the show? And now that I'm almost ready to start painting portraits again for the new year, I thought I'd freshen up my brush strokes with a little bit of fun.

I looked for a good shot of the actor, Robert Pattinson who played Edward Cullen in the movie. I wanted a pic where he was displaying the charming twisted smile that seems to be his trademark in the book, instead of the brooding photos of him like the one on the movie poster. And of course I was looking forward to painting that lovely russet hair too!

The most challenging part of this painting for me was that I had to steer away from the usual warm colors I would use in a portrait. It was important to keep his skin tone "cool" without looking too too dead & lifeless.

I'm back to book 3 now (and yes, I already have book 4 ready and waiting - I DO learn from my mistakes, after all).


Karen Faulkner said...

I'm that kind of a reader too. I don't read nearly as frequently as I used to/would like to, because once I do, everything else has to wait!

Christy DeKoning said...

it's a burden we must bear i suppose...(wink)

gemma said...

hehe your not the only one I bought all 4 books in one go but wanted to save the last 3 until Xmas.Almost finished eclipse now.But I think I'm getting other stuff done at the same time. Probably not enough though. By the way that painting is amazing!

cuteartworld said...

Oh wow this is totally cool Christy! I have been so busy trying to get my feet wet again with drawing! I have some eye candy to show you all, everyone drop by to take a peek I am in the process of a new collaborated sketch/digital graphic design.

High On Craft said...

Twilight is the first book I have ever wanted to read more than once. The author really struck gold with that series! Beautiful Edward portrait. Will you be doing the rest of the cast?

Deb DiSalvo said...

SOOOO awesome - you are so talented! I'm a HUGE book reader too - I always have to be reading something. Now, I haven't read these books yet, but got a gift card to Barnes and Noble and think I'll go ahead and get Twilight and start the madness!

Christy DeKoning said...

gemma, thank you! I finished Eclipse at 2am this morning and will get a few things done today before I attach myself to the couch again tonight.
I've been looking forward to Breaking Dawn since I finished the first one I think.

Christy DeKoning said...

cute art world: I stopped and left a comment on your adorable new creation. lovely!

High, I just might have to indulge myself there and do a few more cast members. Not sure just yet, it will all depend on time.

Deb, make sure you have the second book ready and waiting! I love your Twilight fused glass pieces

Kelly said...

Hi Christy, found your blog through Karen's blog. Beautitul work! I haven't read Twilight yet, but I have all the books in the series so far, just waiting for me to dive in. And that's why I haven't started! I can't put them down either! I just stayed up until midnight last night finishing The Time Traveler's Wife and before that one read Water for Elephants in about two days. I highly recommended both of them!

Christy DeKoning said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for the book recommendations. I have the Time Traveler's Wife now (bought it while I was picking up the rest of the twilight series) but I haven't read Water for Elephants.
Thank you also for the lovely comments on my work. I'm glad you dropped in, I always enjoy Karen's blog too!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

OH NO, I'm out of the 'Twilight ' and my gal, Deb are on the same page (forgive the pun)...great painting...he really is a cutie!!!