Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first sale at Boundless Gallery

Winter House Commission from 2008
(private collection of Susan Knickerbocker)

Earlier in the year, I forwarded my domain name to Boundless Gallery for ease of use and added exposure. Around the same time, my Etsy shop started to really take off, so my BG website was left to just sit there most of the time, rarely updated with new items as they were doing so well in my Etsy shop.

All that said, I'm so excited to announce that I finally sold a painting on Boundless Gallery! And surprisingly, it was this "Vintage Chat" ACEO that sold.

I've really enjoyed my time off over Christmas, and I'm starting to get excited about the endless array of artistic possibilities for 2009. What will I do? Where will I make my focus? Will my Etsy shop continue to blossom and grow at the unexpected rate that it did in 2008?

...and the most important question:

Will I have time to read books 2, 3 and 4 of the Twilight series before I get back to working in my studio on January 7?

Hope you are all in good spirits and ready to begin the New Year with giant, uninhibited brush strokes. May 2009 be your year to shine.


Anonymous said...

Um, you will have to MAKE time to read books 2, 3 and 4!! LOL I'm sure you can fit it in.

Congrats on the sale! I'm sure 2009 will be a successful one for you.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

WONDERFUL news about the sale...lovely colors for a Winter scene!!!...I've been re-evaluating as well, feeling like I've neglected the jewelry, having put so much of my focus on the photos...which has been very successful (not necessarily on Etsy...but good nonetheless..)...really, it was like birthing a baby, as the whole photography 'thing' happened as a result of all of you gals from the Handbook thread and your encouragement...anywho, the possibilities, creatively, for both of us are BOUNDLESS...I pray all the best for you and the family for love love...:))

Christy DeKoning said...

~High on Craft, thank you for the congrats, and guess where I'm off to tomorrow? A little cruise down to Windsor to spend some quality time in Chapters. Oh yeah... I see some VERY late nights ahead of me lol

~Amy, thank you so much :-) Hasn't it been a fabulous year? I just adore your photos, and I predict that Lilleypics will continue to take up more and more of your time. In my humble opinion, it makes good business sense to focus on something you're so good at. I love the jewelry, but the photos have endless creative possibilities and like I said, you're so gosh-darn GOOD at it!

Kim said...

haha Christy...
Charlotte has read all of the twilight books and going to see the movie this week :)
congratulations on the sale of your landscape's lovely and certainly has a restful atmosphere...
good luck with your plans for 2009...
I'll be making a list of priorities as soon as I settle in to my new place :))

Happy Happy New YEAR!!!