Almost Wordless Wednesday - or a Dilly Bar Epiphany

I have only a few words to say about this portrait I just completed... I was rather scared about tackling the Dilly to achieve that wonderful shiny raised area in the centre, and keep the little melted dribbly bits...

Anyway, with a little masking fluid (and an insane amount of luck) I managed to achieve what I was aiming for in ONE GLAZE!!!

Yes, I'm excited :-)


Since you've drawn my attention to it, of course that's what I look at first, but then my eye is drawn up to those beautiful blue green eyes. This will make a lovely present for somebody!
Deborah Lambson said…
really've done an amazing job on the skin ~she's a sweetie!
I'm not sure what a Dilly Bar is, but I may want one...another beautiful portrait!!!
Tiffany Gholar said…
excellent work! I love the way you rendered the texture of the ice cream bar and the little girl's face.
Brent Perkins said…
Such a lovely portrait. The eyes have it. Your rendered them so convincingly.

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