Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post Halloween trip to Niagara Falls

Well, we survived Halloween, with absolutely no photos - not sure how I made it through the night without my camera!

There were no tears, and no costume drama. Our little munchkin decided it was more fun to sit on the front steps and hand out candy in his jogging suit, and by the end of the night he braved a visit to a couple of our friendly neighbours. They were all very sweet about him not being in costume, and made him feel welcome.

Today we are off to Niagara Falls for the night, and will be home sometime tomorrow evening - so for now I'll leave you with a photo hint of what we will be doing on Sunday (it doesn't involve a paintbrush!):
Be back soon with (hopefully) some beautiful November in Niagara photos.


Amy Lilley Designs said...

Well, glad that worked out for your little guy...what a sweetie...Niagara Falls...I went to college in Rochester, NY, so we made a couple of visits...what a powerful, powerful experience...can't wait to see your photos!!!

Christy DeKoning said...

It takes us a little less than 3 hours to get to Niagara, so we've done the trip several times before. This time was for my husband's work party so it was a free trip, and we decided to skip Lundy's Lane and go out to the Butterfly conservatory instead. We had a great time.