Custom portraits for Christmas

I'm just plugging away at commissions here, trying to beat the clock and just keep painting until the postal deadline for Christmas!

So isn't it great when another wonderful blogger takes over and does a Featured Artist segment? Head on over to Designer's Depot today and you can read the interview!

The painting I've posted today is a great example of a technique you can use in portraiture. If you click on the image, you'll see it full size (make that Huge size) and you can easily see that I've added touches of blue and green to the profiles of these two lovely ladies. This is called "turning" and it has the effect of leading the eye further into the painting, giving the illusion of depth. That way the profiles don't appear flat like a cutout! I use this technique a lot when I'm painting on a white background.

There's still time to commission a portrait for Christmas - I'm painting in all sizes right now, but my most popular so far is a 5x5 square portrait - $50 at or at


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...I'm doing 2 Craft shows one @ the Audubon Society (photos/cards & jewelry), and a very local very popular show @ the Aspray Boathouse in the historic Pawtuxet Village..just, I've got my work cut out for me...better start folding those some gorgeous stones in the mail today...YIKES!!!

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