Fun on the Train

We were having too much fun this weekend, so no new paintings made it into my shop. We went to Port Stanley and had a great time riding the train!

(actually, truth be told they didn't even make it onto paper)

SO...because it's such a doggone hassle to change all the prices on Etsy, my $9.99 sale will be on at least another week, maybe even for the month of October, to clear out some older paintings and make room for new Christmas stock in November.


GREAT are both just gorgeous!!!!
Unknown said…
Karen, Amy, THANK you :-)

I'm usually the one with the camera stuck to my face, so I don't end up in very many photos. My husband did a good job this time and managed to get both of us in the viewfinder, lol.
Beautiful simply Beautiful Christy!
Please vote for me and my Beauty's Lot design. I enter a contest and would love to win!
Thank you..
Unknown said…
Hi Anitra - I was happy to vote for you today. Good luck!

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