Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Few Good Cats

As Christmas approaches (can you hear those sleigh bells ringing yet?) my business tends to pick up for commissions, which means that I will be blogging less and less - however, when I do post it will be with portraits that I'm working on, with step-by-step photos whenever I remember to stop in between washes and snap a photo!

My Etsy store was needing some new original ACEO cats - here are 2 new ones listed this week, and one that I completed for a client on commission.

Let's start with the lovely Matisse seen above - sold, but I will offer prints soon

Here we have "Sacha" - as my Dad pointed out, it looks like he's getting ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound (no, it wasn't my intention for the white area to the right of Sacha to look like a super-hero cape, but I like the resemblance!)
Looking at it again, wouldn't it be fun to paint Sacha with a mask and cape, resting his front paws on a pumpkin for Hallowe'en? Hmmmm.....

And last, please meet "Astrid" - sitting on top of her world. I love the contrast of Cerulean Blue and Quinacridone Gold (the orange tones) - one of my favourite colour schemes.


Amy Lilley Designs said...

beautiful, beautiful, sweet, sweet, sweet...I'm thinking 'Christmas' as well...YIKES!

Karen Faulkner said...

That's funny, dads tend to tell it like they see it, don't they?
I love that the first cat is named Matisse!

Christy DeKoning said...

Well....I DID have 2 new paintings, but they both sold tonight. Makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Hi Amy - thank you so much (can you believe it's only about 3 months to Christmas?)

Karen, isn't that a great name for a cat, being a work of art in the animal world anyway.

Lux said...

Oh - just beautiful indeed!

Christy DeKoning said...

Hi Lux - thanks for stopping in, I was just visiting your blog last night for the first time. Your beans sure take good photos of you - I loved your Wednesday pose this week.