Saturday, August 9, 2008


We did a little trainspotting last week, which mostly consisted of this: 6:30pm: sitting around house, bored of playing with Thomas the Train, not quite bedtime for the little guy yet.

6:31pm: Me: "I know, let's go check out a REAL train at the museum!" GeekHusband: "uh, now?" Me: "sure, why not?" GH "ok"

6:36pm: arrive at the museum (did I tell you we live in a small city?) which consists of one lone green train on a little piece of track, with a lovely set of stairs leading up to it. Of course, it's closed.
(but still a great photo op)

6:45pm: GH "why not go across the street to the train station?" Me: "ok"

6:46pm: stuck at the crossing because (wait for it)...a train was pulling in to the station! This only happens once or twice a day, you understand, and we had no idea what the schedule was.

6:50pm: Me (to the conductor) "can we take our son on to see what it looks like?"
conductor: "technically, no, but I didn't see anything" so on we interior, dated, rather kitschy actually. I liked it.

6:55pm - holy moly a storm came up so quickly, we were standing there waiting for the train to depart and watching lightning strike not too far away. We all loved it!

So when I got back to visiting my ACEO Bounty thread on Etsy yesterday, I noticed that one of the August challenges was to paint a train. Perfect excuse to do a quick little train sketch, taking advantage of those dark stormy skies. You can purchase "Stormy Skies over the Six Ten" at for $8 if you have a yen for a train to dress up your cubicle.

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twiddlestix said...

What a fun night! Great post.