Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Plastic Wrap Watercolor Technique

12 x 12 inches
(work in progress)

I started the day out with a fresh clean sheet of my 12x16 Arches watercolor paper block and was determined to do something different.

Just a little different mind you - I still had cats on the brain :-)

Sick and tired of painting ACEOs for the last 2 weeks, and needing to get out of the rut before I tackle some larger commissions, I hauled out the plastic wrap!

Here is a very fun watercolor technique to try:

Sketch out a simple design - I like to draw cats from memory because they are so much fun and easy to draw (their faces are really just upside-down triangles). Wet the background surface of your paper and choose at least 2 colors (in this case I chose Phthalo Blue and Cobalt Yellow). Charge your brush with the warmest and lightest color first (yellow) with LOTS of paint and go for it. Drop in the other colors, working fast. Now before it dries (hurry!) lay a sheet of plastic wrap over the top. Give it a little squish and a few creases and then leave it be to dry.

Peel off the paper and check out the cool stained-glass effect that you've created!

I also used the same plastic wrap technique on the eyes for fun. I had a lot of fresh paint on my palette, so I sketched out a beagle and a cat on the side for a couple new ACEOs anyway (can't help myself!)

I'm not sure how much more I want to add to this painting...maybe it's finished? I'll look at it again tomorrow.


Deb said...

Beautiful, Christy! What eyes!!!

I've answered your question on my bog when you get a chance to view it.

Christy DeKoning said...

Thank you Deb - I'll head on over now :-)

Mike said...

wow, what a great technique! I wonder if it would work with oil as well...
thanks for sharing!

Christy DeKoning said...

Hi Mike, thanks for stopping by - I'm guessing that it won't work too well with oil because the plastic might prevent the oil from drying...but that's just my guess.

Kim said...

an interesting technique Christy...
such a pretty cat...I love the pink ears :)
you have a great way with colour !!!

cuteartworld said...

That is so cool! The kitty glows and the colors are so vibrant! I just finished my new Circus Girl..