Saturday, August 9, 2008

New and Improved Flotsam and Jetsam

"Flotsam & Jetsam II" ACEO
2.5 x 3.5 inches
$10 at

Here is proof that it is always good to set aside your paintings for a while before deciding if they are finished.

After looking at those seashells again today, I really didn't care for them at all. Oh I know they were good exercises, fun little sketches...but I can usually get a good feel for my subject pretty early on in the game. I was so caught up in the details yesterday, that I lost sight of the emotions I wanted to convey - FRESH! CLEAN! FUN!

So after working on a little comic strip ACEO for my lovely client Susan Knickerbocker (so patient and easy to work with - and always has a blessing for me), I went back to my paintings one more time. What I needed was to take the objects I liked and rearrange them with a lot more white space around them. I also changed from cold press paper (rough surface) to hot press paper (smooth). That way I could really get a clean look with the ink.

I drew the objects in ink first, then applied just a little bit of watercolor, and took a break. When I came back I decided that the white background wasn't right, so I wet the paper and dropped in very watery washes of cerulean and quinacridone rose - just enough to get a pretty beach theme going with not too much color.

A few shadows on the objects finished it all off. Much better!


Deb said...

I love this, Christy! The background sets it off perfectly!

Kim said...

a very delicate interpretation Christy...
you have certainly developed and placed the objects within the composition perfectly !!
the colours harmonise so well too..
I wish I was having as much with my double portrait ..eek...
good advice on setting work aside...I have started a new portrait of my niece ad I'm really happy with the progress :)

Kim said...

oops ..meant
I wish I was having as much success..

Christy DeKoning said...

Thank you Deb - it's an improvement, isn't it!

Christy DeKoning said...

Hi Kim!
Thank you for the critique - I am much happier with the lighter background and less clutter!
I have several paintings sitting "in limbo" that I should get back to one of these days, so I completely understand your dilemma.
You'll get a handle on that double portrait soon, I'm sure of it.


Christy DeKoning said...

btw Kim - I find multiple subject portraits very challenging too. I much prefer to do several single portraits for a client instead of all in one. I'm actually slacking a bit here, delaying a 3-person portrait that I should have started already, because I kind of dread it!
I should take my own advice and tackle that which I fear most right?
maybe tomorrow :-)