Monday, August 11, 2008

CafePress Sale on Now - you can wear my art!

One can only manage so many things at any given time.

I tend to forget about my CafePress store, because most of my artwork is either being designed for my Etsy store in ACEO format, or I'm working on a custom piece made-to-order.

So it's always a lovely surprise to wake up, check my email and find I've made a sale at CafePress! Here's where you can find the geeky baby tee shirt that I sold today. And check out the blinking coupon code on the left sidebar of my blog - you can get $4 off junior jersey tees with the code!

Here are some of my other CafePress shops - they are free to open as long as you only have 1 design per product (if you want multiple designs available for each product then you have to either open a premier store ($) or open a new store for each new product).

FuzziBunniez (i change the image here periodically - right now it's a little bird)
HipKitty (I think I might go in and revamp this store with a different cat on each product)
LinuxChick (because I think members of my family need a new ringtone)
and of course, BabyNewbie


Deb said...

Hey Christy,

I have an award for you on my blog!

Kim said...

hi Christy
your images look great on their products...
the newbie design is so cute :)
I joined zazzle but I found their system too confusing and complicated...
I've heard that Cafe Press is very good and the products are of the highest quality..

Christy DeKoning said...

Hi Deb - I just love your new daily photo of the cows!
Thank you for the award, I feel so blessed today. I have a blog post "in progress" to hand out awards, and I'll add this special award to my post also. Thanks :-)

Christy DeKoning said...

Kim, thanks for looking at my Cafepress store - it's very simple, and I encourage anyone who is interested at all to give it a try. Cafepress recently joined up with Imagekind, so now they are getting even more business.
The quality of the clothing is great - my husband still wears his linux shirt from a few years ago. The ink faded a bit, but I've heard the ink is better now.
I haven't updated my stores in quite some time but it's a fun little process. And you can buy from your own shop at a discount, OR use the money you earn from selling your clothing as "cafe cash" to spend in the store.