Sunday, July 6, 2008

Portrait of a boy, a frog, and an absentee blogger...

"Bringing the Outside In" - take 2
(I'm still working on the frog so that it doesn't look too flat. It looked good until I over-worked I need to work backwards and fix it again)

I know, I know...I've been a very bad blogger. Where have I been all this time? It's been a whole WEEK!

I've been on a vacation of sorts. The kind where you get up in the morning and go for very long walks with a child at your side. The sort of vacation where you watch movies at night with your head on your sweetheart's shoulder. The kind of vacation where you don't check your email every hour.

So there you have it. I've been doing nothing at all and loving it. But now that the dust has settled (and I mean really settled - it's covering every available inch of flat surface) I feel it's time for me to join the blogosphere again.

So without further ado...I have wonderful news! My "Corn" painting (titled "Diversity") which you can view here was accepted into the Desmond Juried Art Show here in Ridgetown, Ontario. It will be on display from July 21 until August 1, 2008. I'll be at the show on Saturday July 19th for the private viewing, and then in and out as time permits until the show closes.

I have received one more Arte Y Pico award - this time from Designer's Depot (thank you very much Noel!) which is a gentle reminder that I need to pass it along. I haven't forgotten - I will get right on it very soon. I'd like to do a bit of research and maybe find someone who hasn't received it yet.

I did have time to paint a few ACEO watercolors this weekend:
A Jack Russell Terrier (if I had a dog, I'd have a Jack Russell)

This is my favorite cat painting so far. I know it's simple, but I love the pure aquamarine background and the way the paint bloomed and merged in such interesting ways.

I have a few portraits waiting on me so my next blog post will have some work-in-progress photos!


Anonymous said...

well done christy. you do well with water colors. it is really difficult to handle these. there is no scope for erasure and anything once done is done. keep it up.
aay jee

Pepper said...

Wow, lovely work. I really like the boy with the frog!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Welcome back Christy...sounds like you had a perfect vacation...good for you for taking some precious time w/ your family...LOVE the way the painting came out and the FROG...a great touch, and so TRUE!!!...oh I know all about the dust settling... when I'm not looking, when I least expect it those dust bunnies make a most unwelcome appearance!!!

Amy :)

doudy said...

Very nice paintings, I like especially the cat, wow yes the background aquamarine goes really well with a coloured gray, nice choice!!

All your work is wonderful.
By the way, how did you do the cat cat's moustaches?
Masking Fluid ?
or is it a secret? :)

Anyway Take care I'll be coming back.

I have put your link on my Blog, I am learning watercolor painting.

planetjune said...

Christy, I'm not at all surprised your corn painting was accepted! And I really love your Jack Russell. I've just (sorry!) nominated you for another Arte y Pico award :)

Christy DeKoning said...

Aay jee, thank you for your kind words. It really is a fine line between planning and spontaneity with watercolor!

Christy DeKoning said...

Pepper, thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment. I was visiting your blog today, and I really like your template. I am in desperate need of an overhaul and a new look here...maybe next year lol :-)

Christy DeKoning said...

Amy I will be over to see your blog this week and catch up with your life! I've missed you :-)
I like the frog too. Much happier with the overall effect. Now off to battle dust bunnies.

Christy DeKoning said...

doudy, I visited your blog and your paintings are coming along very well! You simply cannot do too many value sketches, and ink is a perfect medium for that. I also enjoy choosing a limited palette like ultramarine and burnt sienna to play with values.

Regarding my cat: I have no secrets here - it's all about learning and sharing ideas! For the whiskers here I used masking fluid to paint them first, let them dry and then plunged in with color. As a rule of thumb: if I want to have freedom of movement with the background (eg: pouring paint, loose washes, etc) then I will use masking fluid. If I am painting in a more realistic style with smaller brush strokes, then I will paint around the whiskers (for example, my cat Empathy or my corn painting - no masking) And then every once in a while I throw all caution to the wind and use (gasp!) gouache AFTER the painting is finished. I rarely use gouache on larger paintings simply because it limits where I can show them in the future - some transparent watercolor societies won't allow any opaque pigment.

Christy DeKoning said...

june, thank you so very much. I'm honored whenever someone takes the time out of their day to visit my blog, let alone nominate me for an award.

Pauline said...

Hi Christy...... your watercolours are wonderful.... and Coolum misses you...!


Christy DeKoning said...

Hi Pauline, thank you :-) I miss Coolum too. I had my first high school dance at the Coolum Beach Surf Club. What great memories!