Small Town Series #2 "The Clock Tower" and the Arte Y Pico Award!

I've had a busy week!
First of all, I finished up this painting. It is 15 x 21 inches painted on Arches 300lb Cold Press watercolor paper. The clock tower stands at the end of James Street in Wallaceburg, Ontario - it's now a Dental Centre but I just couldn't bring myself to paint in the words. I like to think of it as a place people WANT to visit, and Dental Centre just doesn't bring about all those warm gushy feelings.

I also made progress on my portrait "Bringing the Outside In" and will show you the finished painting early this week. After several botched attempts at trying to capture the moment just right, I made some significant design changes and now I'm very pleased with it.

As a finale, I've been so blessed with good blogging vibes from my friends around the globe this week. I've been honored with receiving the Arte Y Pico Award from not one, but 2 different but very talented Artists. My humble thanks go to Amy Lilley Designs and Inspired Artbeat. Thank you so much!

Here is what Amy most graciously wrote on her blog:
Christy deKoning lives in Canada, by way of Australia. Christy is such a gifted watercolorist and is always teaching us with her words, her grace and inner strength and we are blessed to see such stunning results in her paintings!
And Caroline was so kind in writing this on her blog:
1....Christy DeKoning - Travels in Watercolor
Christy DeKoning is a talented Canadian water color artist, who's beautiful art has inspired me.
I always look forward to each article and love to try out some of the techniques she uses. Thank you Christy for sharing your amazing art and talent with us.
I encourage you to drop by both of these fine blogs and check out the other award winners. All very interesting bloggers, and you might find something new that tweaks your inner artist!

I'm still undecided on who to pass this award on to. Only 5 recipients...that's a hard decision. I'll be back soon!


twiddlestix said…
Congrats on the awards! Your painting looks the clock!
Unknown said…
Thank you Heather!
Michael Wong said…
Hi, was wondering if you'd like to exchange links with me?
If yes, please leave your blog url as a comment at:
I'll link to you first, then when you have time link back k?
Thanks, Michael
BTW--I'm michaelwong38 on digg. If ever you want something dugg, just send me a shout anytime.
Beauteous new painting...the trees, the shadows, the CLOCK!!!...a well deserved shout out to you w/ Arte y's all been done w/ such grace and humility...

Anonymous said…
I love your artwork, it is awesome :D.. I don't know if this is the best way to get in contact with you, but this is the only way I could find... I won 3rd place at and was told to contact you about Your choice of a piece of artwork in the ACEO section (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) or a custom order from Christy DeKoning ($20 value). I'm super excited because I NEVER win, and when I saw I won 3rd I was even more excited because I LOVE ARTWORK!

my email is thanks Christy!!!

Karen Faulkner said…
Congratulations Christy! I always enjoy visiting your blog.

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