Tuesday, June 17, 2008

finished corn painting and a talking computer

I've finished my corn painting, and I would love some input from my blog friends...first, what do you think? And second, any suggestions for a title?

I'm trying to type this post but my husband is being the biggest geek ever. He's talking to me through my cannot believe how stupid and hilarious it is having a dorky computer talking to you while you try to type. I can hear him typing away from behind me and then it comes through my speakers. Now it's just downright silly....I've got to post this and go throttle him. Later!


* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

First of all I giggled right out loud to read that you were going to 'throttle' you husband......then I noticed the label you put at the bottom of the post...You are totally hilarious.....o.k. now lets say the corn in the basket is pretty amazing. The vibrant color blows me away as a totally beginner -dabbler in watercolor. I would love to sit a watch you paint. a title does not come to me since I am still amused by the husband comment.

Kudos on lovely work.
Best ~ Rella

Christy DeKoning said...

Hi Rella, thanks for visiting! When I first started with watercolor, I was hesitant to apply too much color too, and believe me everything was pretty blah. I read every book in our library and practiced the techniques, and became "proficient" with the medium. But still lacking. It was only a few years ago that I re-read a favorite book, "No More Wishy-Washy Watercolor" by Margaret M. Martin and finally, a light came on in my brain! Now, I try to do a "value" sketch first, before I start painting. It isolates all the dark parts of the picture. From there, I can use whatever colors I want to as long as I know where to place each different value of color. I'll blog about this some day.

My husband only has a few minor scratches - he's back to work now safe and sound. Hopefully he can't hack my Mac from work lol.

Anonymous said...

Love this picture! Hope you're doing well, I haven't stopped in here in a while!