Work in progress - the finished piece

Thank you for all your supportive comments on my previous post!

This painting did indeed sit unfinished for a couple days, until it all came together in my head yesterday. After viewing it the way it was (see previous post below) I realized that although it was captivating "unfinished" what it really lacked was depth. I needed to pull the subject forward and add a three-dimensional quality to it. Unfortunately, that is hard to display in this photo, however I feel it was achieved in the finished painting.

Olive green, violet lake and a little French Ultramarine provided the contrast and depth of field I was aiming for.

On another note, the Handbook to Handmade volume 6 is almost full! There are only 3 spots left (as of writing this today) and it's going to be beautiful. Check out the official blog or you can purchase a spot at this Etsy listing.


Unknown said…
wow, i'm totally amazed at your work! It's amazing to me how you can get that detail with watercolor! I've been thnking about working with watercolor but I can't get that much detail! I need lots of practice! Great work!
I am the same way w/ my paintings...I love the line work and try to keep things simple...but sometimes they do need that extra layer of depth...tricky to know when to just stop...beautiful job!!!
Marsha Robinett said…
Simply beautiful...I loved the last photo before you finished it, but wow, I really see the difference. Such talent.
Unknown said…
thank you nora, amy and marsha - I really appreciate your comments.

Believe me, I've painted my fair share of dismal portraits over the years...lots and lots of trial and error - so don't give up Nora!
twiddlestix said…
Fantastic! Takes my breath away.
Anonymous said…
when i in NS.....they teach me use the paint oil to polish!!!!
Anonymous said…
oh wrong sorry=p
Rob Burkhard said…
You pulled it off very nicely. You have a good gift for composition and color. The eyes and soft skin are absolutely captivating.
Karen Faulkner said…
The eyes are amazing! So expressive.

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